Marble Coffee Table

Marble Coffee Table Tops


Please choose among these ready to go marble tops. They are all polished with 20MM Pencil Round edges.

For custom sizes please contact us. We can custom make any size or shape using any of our slabs. Marable only supplies tops, therefore you would need to source a base.


Calacatta Oro CT100 | Polished

Size: 850X400X20 mm

Price: $299+GST


Calacatta Oro CT101 | Polished

Size: 830X320X20 mm

Price: $239+GST


Calacatta Oro CT103 | Polished

Size: 600X400X20 mm

Price: $219+GST


Calacatta Oro CT104 | Polished

Size: 450X450X20 mm

Price: $199+GST


Calacatta Statuario CT105 | Polished

Size: 450X500X20 mm

Price: $199+GST


Calacatta Oro CT106 | Polished

Size: 770X450X20 mm

Price: $299+GST

Arabscato CT107 | Polished

Size: 440X340X20 mm

Price: $99+GST


Calacatta Oro CT109 | Polished

Size: 440X340X20 mm

Price: $109+GST

Calacatta Statuario CT110 | Polished

Size: 340X350X20 mm

Price: $99+GST


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Marable supplies a wide range of marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx and engineered stone slabs. We are specialised in kitchen benchtops, splash backs, bathroom vanities, feature walls and fireplaces. Visit our showroom today to see the slabs in stock, you are sure to be inspired.