When we use the term Dolomite, we are referring to the rock Dolostone or Dolomite Rock. Dolomite is also a mineral that is highly sought after in other areas such as construction or the steel industry.Dolomite Stone is a type of sedimentary rock that has formed as a result of Limestone and Lime mud coming together into contact with groundwater that is rich in magnesium and is found in sedimentary basins worldwide.

Super White Dolomite is often referred to as Super White Granite, and is a harder material than Marble.

Our Super White Dolomite Stone is a stunning natural stone to have in your home. The natural veins of the Dolomite Stone can go in both directions which can give a sense of balance while providing a visually striking piece.

Super White Dolomite is becoming more and more popular for use as a kitchen benchtop for its durability

Not all Dolomite Stone is the same, as a natural material, each block of stone provides a beautiful new pattern making each one unique to your home.

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Super White 3CM

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