Kitchen is the heart of your home, let this heart to be in harmony with nature.

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Natural stone comes in many beautiful types, varying in color, pattern and finish. The color selections available in natural stone are vast and patterns range from close-featured pebble size patterns to broad spectacular veins and everything in between. It can be polished to a highly reflective luster that brings the rich color and textures of the stone to vibrant life. Stone can also be honed smooth with a slight reflection. It is ideal for use in kitchen, foyers, bathrooms and fireplace.

Natural stone has been the building material of choice for many years due to enduring value and beauty that no man-made materials can equal.

Each stone is unique and given its look of true luxury, investing in stone can be a wise investment in your home or office. Natural stone countertops, flooring and decorative features will increase the value of your property. You may be surprised that it can be less expensive than some of the man-made products currently on the market.

At Marable slab house we:

  • Fabricate kitchen benchtops with precision and deliver with details as per your preference.
  • Bring a wide range of options for renovation plans.
  • Offer best value, satisfying any taste and budget.

We provide kitchen top range of material:

Marable slab house, as a source distributor offers you a wide range of slabs and high value fabrication and installation service for jobs of any size. We offer you the lowest possible price.

Choose your slab through stone range on the website or call us for guidance and fresh ideas. Kitchen design advisers are available in the showroom. The best way is to come and visit Marable showroom, for better understanding of your options. Please bring in or send us your bench top, vanity or table top plans and drawings. You can either email or fax it, to help us with quote based on exact measurement, edging and with lowest price. If you do not have a plan, please feel free to come and see us, so you can choose the appropriate slab with the right design advice from our showroom consultants.

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Our responsibility is to provide you with the best possible options in terms of material and fabrication. We endeavor to organize the complete procedure of measurement and installation. We are proud of our service where our specialists can even visit your residence when required to provide with details on stone care and maintenance.